XLM / BTC September 2020 price analysis

This month, September and next month, October will show us how Stellar Lumens is doing, at least in terms of price. We are traders and we are here to make money with trading. I like trading XLM with Bitcoin and Ethereum as I believe crypto is here to stay. So, my plan is to create more and more crypto wealth by accumulating as much BTC and ETH as I can.

xlm btc price analysis 2020

XLM / BTC on monthly has flipped to green on MACD, a crucial indicator which shows where the market is going.

While flipping to green on monthly does not mean much right now, it usually leads to big pumps in 3rd or 4th month while staying green. Ethereum did the same on its Bitcoin pair, ETH / BTC as pointed out by me in this tweet.

Ethereum started pumping against bitcoin on its 3rd month after it flipped to green on MACD.

Same price action will probably happen on XLM / BTC chart as well. History tends to give us hints and we must make use of those hints.

Flipping to green on monthly MACD for XLM / BTC pair means a lot to me. If this is widening wedge (see first image), we may see a strong price action before start of 2021, with Stellar Lumens reaching 1700 sats and then touching around 3000 sats, marking end of this cycle.

XLM has also started to recover against USD after dropping to its monthly support, $0.077.

$0.077 being monthly support was mentioned by me on September 6th, 3-4 days before XLM crashed and touched this very level.

Bitcoin dominance is also dropping fast which means money will flow from bitcoin to large caps > mid caps and then to small caps. Stellar falls between large caps and mid caps to be honest.

If this is ETH / BTC’s top, then money will flow to projects like Stellar Lumens that have been under the radar so far.