Stellar Lumens price analysis July 2020 end – XLM / BTC and XLM / USDT price analysis

Stellar Lumens is looking good as July 2020 comes to an end. What a way to end this month and it looks like we will flip green in August 2020.

XLM / BTC chart looks very similar to ETH / BTC which is natural since Ethereum is leading indicator for altcoins. Weak Ethereum price action is bearish for altcoins and Stellar Lumens (XLM) is no exception.

xlm btc july 2020
xlm btc july 2020

Earlier this month, people got very angry when I said that we are due for a correction. Look, correction will always happen whenever there is a huge pump. We went from 750 sats to nearly 1200 sats in matter of 10 days. Naturally, there will be a correction and this is what exactly happened.

XLM / USDT price analysis July 2020

We are currently at resistance – $0.10. Once we cross this, $0.14 is next resistance followed by $0.18. Strong support is at $0.084, $0.7 and $0.67.

xlm usd july 2020
xlm usdt july 2020

If Bitcoin pumps, XLM will go up as well, at least in USD value, but my eyes are on the XLM / BTC pair.

Here is how I think XLM / USD will fare out – sideways action for couple of weeks and then move to upside.